Australian Sport Rotorcraft Association Inc (ASRA) is a national sport and recreational association, representing people with an interest in building and flying gyroplanes.

Under Civil Aviation Safety Authority accreditation, ASRA administers sport gyroplanes through the certification of pilot and the registration of gyroplanes in Australia.

ASRA is concerned with improving standards of safety, pilot training and aircraft. It aims to promote reasonable and responsible practices in a manner accepted as professional to other aviation bodies and the public, while retaining our own identity, reducing costs and minimising restrictions.

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Mustering Workshop October 2019.

RAAus held a mustering workshop in Cunnamulla during October 2019 and were kind enough to invite a representative from ASRA to attend. I accepted the offer with the idea being to provide input from a

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ASRA Nationals 2020

Click image to open the 2020 ASRA Nationals event brochure.


With the number of bush fires across various parts of Australia, and the increase in aerial activity associated with fighting these fire, be mindful of the NOTAM in place to keep a separation from the emergency services operating in these areas.


The 2020 ASRA Nationals are being held at White Gum Air Park near York, Western Australia.

The Nationals are usually held over the Easter weekend. However, it will be held on the weekend of the 2-3rd May 2020.

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You can access the Aviation ID ASIC application here

The form will look very similar to the CASA form. The Aviation ID program is better suited to Recreational Aviation pilots because they don’t have the medical requirement as part of their program and applicants just provide a copy of their pilot licence/certificate for operational needs.