Australian Sports Rotorcraft Association Inc (ASRA) is a national sport and recreational association, representing people with an interest in building and flying gyroplanes.

Under Civil Aviation Safety Authority accreditation, ASRA administers sport gyroplanes through the certification of pilot and the registration of gyroplanes in Australia.

ASRA is concerned with improving standards of safety, pilot training and aircraft. It aims to promote reasonable and responsible practices in a manner accepted as professional to other aviation bodies and the public, while retaining our own identity, reducing costs and minimising restrictions.

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ASRA’s Policy on Contract Mustering by Gyroplane

In 2014 ASRA wrote to the Hon Warren Truss MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development. CASA sits in Minister’s Truss’s portfolio. The letter, in part, reque

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ASRA Nationals, Goolwa South Australia. 14th - 17th April 2017.

Bathurst Soar, Ride and Shine. 25-26th March 2017

Wings over Illawarra. 6-7th May 2017.

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As the Nationals are getting closer David Owen, the organiser, is after some attendance numbers for the weekend. Final arrangements need to be made, venues need to be booked, toilet and showering facilities need to be arranged.

If you are heading to South Australia for an action packed weekend please let David know the following:

1.) Your attendance numbers for the weekend.

2.) If you are camping at the airfield.

3.) If you would like a meal at the Goolwa Wharf on the Saturday night. Expressions of interest are sought as a minimum number of people is essential with sufficient notice to reserve seating.

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